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10 Anti-patterns (bad practices) in prioritization of Product Owners, PMO and VMO

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One of the factors that most destroys agility is the lack of adequate prioritization patterns according to the context in which it is located, that is, both upstream (1) and downstream (2) practices are used (which even from the good intention) destroy value for the organization. In general, we can incur:

  • Building unnecessary things
  • Building things that are necessary but worthless
  • You don't build what's important
  • We let ourselves be carried away by intuition
  • We let ourselves be carried away by authority
  • We let ourselves be carried away by feelings of friendship or enmity
  • etc.

We destroy value and generate waste by dedicating time, effort and money from business areas, execution areas and suppliers in things that should not have been developed and relegating others, which would allow better financial performance or customer satisfaction.

(and one of mine)

"Building something that was not correctly prioritized is destroying value for the organization"


Below, I share some of the anti-patterns that I have observed when prioritizing both PMO - Project Management Office -, VMO -Value Management Office- and Product owners, and that I promote to be removed in processes of agile transformation or team agile coaching.  

I hope they will help you advance in the knowledge of better ways to prioritize the work to be done.

Expect more articles on this topic.

Agile greetings,

Jorge Abad.


References, notes, or comments

  1. Upstream: where the project, product or initiative is prioritized by the PMO, VMO or those who are responsible for prioritizing the portfolio.
  2. Downstream: where the product is being developed, and the solution team builds the different functionalities.

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