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Scrum Hit list - 10 good reasons for Scrum

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  1. There are many good reasons to work with Scrum. The 10 most important include: Competitiveness - In many markets, the competitive environment is changing faster and faster. Only companies that are flexible and agile have a fast enough time-to-market to stay competitive and create a competitive advantage for themselves.
  2. Develop what is needed - Scrum allows the incremental development of features. The customer receives the first working versions early and as well as seeing progress can, if necessary, add new ideas.
  3. Confidence through transparency - Transparency plays a critical role at various levels in Scrum and is one of the primary drivers which makes Scrum so efficient. Because of transparency all the stakeholders are informed where the project is at any given time. This helps in discovering weaknesses and it makes effective teamwork possible.
  4. Build quality in - Testing is an integral component of Scrum in every sprint. Only if the software is tested and documented is it ‚”ready‚”. Methods such as continuous integration are very applicable for increasing the quality of every object from the beginning.
  5. Recognize risks in time - systematic risk management - Regular releases establish the conditions in which to recognize problems in time and to react promptly. Long-term statements about time to completion and product delivery roadmaps are possible because of factors like the team velocity (a measure of how much a Team can do per Sprint).
  6. To have the costs under control - The duration of a project is usually fixed, but the effort and the complexity of the work is usually only roughly estimated. Scrum allows changes to feature specifications, in collaboration with the customer, creating transparency and allowing definitive cost accounting.
  7. Changes are welcome - The Scrum framework is not afraid of changes. On the contrary, changes can be shown to the Product Owner at any time and can be realized in the following sprint without generating conflict. That way the customer gets the product he or she desires.
  8. Efficient collaboration and customer satisfaction - Scrum involves regular communication between all the participants of the project. Communication, collaboration, respect and understanding what the customer requires or what the team develops is the basis for delivering successful projects.
  9. Scrum is perfect for system development as well - As opposed to the widely-held view, that Scrum is only good for small products, Scrum is very good for the development of complex systems and extended projects. The exact planning and practices such as the continuous integration of new functionalities provide visibility of progress, and ensure that there won’t be a big surprise at the end of the project. Many large systems are developed with the same agile principles behind Scrum.
  10. Last but not least - Scrum is fun - Not task selection necessarily, but collaborative working and decision-making as a team is an important part of Scrum. Software development is seen for what it is: A creative and multi-dimensional activity that only can work properly when everyone takes responsibility.

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